Questions to ask my Swindon wedding photographer?

As a company we rely on the trust of our clients. They trust us to get it right on the day and to come prepared no matter what the scenario - after all this is your big day! That said, we've answered a few "Questions to ask my Swindon wedding photographer" that people might be afraid to ask when they meet their potential photographer but in reality should always be asked.

Can you spilt up on the day and be in 2 different places?

It is a common question especially to cover bride and groom prep at the same time. Unfortunately the answer is no. It's just down to logistics and equipment. Obviously we carry back up equipment but if we were to split up even for just a couple of hours then our back ups become redundant for that time. We wouldn't feel safe without doubling the back up options which would be very costly. Instead we will quite often split our time, some with the groom and some with the bride even if it means popping back to the bride a 2nd time - we normally make it work if its important to you.

Do we need to meet you before the wedding?

We quite often meet for a coffee and a natter about the big day but its not essential. These days its actually less common to meet beforehand, we find people just want to have a chat on the phone and then get booked in and it's another thing ticked off the list. Either way we're happy to do whichever you feel comfortable with.

What happens if you get run over by a bus the day before my wedding?

Hmm... Not happened as yet (touch wood!) but in any case the answer is easy. If we can walk or even hop on one leg then we'll be there - no doubt. We've never let anybody down - not even come close to doing so but obviously I can see the concern. Heaven forbid anything did happen to us then we have a backup plan(s) in place. We work closely with another local photographer whom would be our first call. If he was busy then we have a plan C. We have access to details for professional photographers to use in an emergency. A simple date search will provide us with the contact details of the photographers that are free on said date. If this was to fail then, sadly we would have no choice but to refund in full. In the mean time I'll watch my step crossing the road!

Are you a legitimate company?

Yes. Our company is "Pickin Images Photography" and is fully tax registered. We even employ an accountant to take care of the annual HMRC bookkeeping and tax returns. No cowboys here!

Your prices are very reasonable, Do you use cheap camera gear?

Defiantly not! The two main camera manufactures are Canon & Nikon, it's like TomTom and Garmin, you pick a side and go with it, for us it's Canon. These two companies produce different professional level cameras aimed at different types of professional photography i.e. Sport, Wildlife & Wedding Photography. The cameras we use are aimed at the Wedding Photographers and this camera is the Canon 5D mk4. It is combined with various L series lenses and we also have back up gear in case the 2 we have ever fail.

I'll stop there because we are entering geek territory & you'll just get bored but rest assured the gear we use is specially designed for wedding photography and is Canon's very finest to date. Our prices are designed to fit in at the 'mid range' end of the industry. This gives everyone a chance to afford professional photography on their big day, simple as that.

Do I have to feed you on the day?

This is by no means mandatory & we normally make our own arrangements for food whilst you are seated having your own meal with your guests but if it is offered, we usually gratefully accept but insist on a full meal (it's a long day for us too) and eating in the bar area so that we don't intrude upon your guests and ruin your seating plan!

What if it rains on my wedding day!?

Don't say it, don't even think it, the 'R' word is banned! Of course it's not going to rain on your wedding day, it's pretty rare in the UK right? Well in the extreme circumstance that we get a "shower" on the day, as with everything there is a plan B. We carry big plush umbrellas if you wanted to brave it outside or another idea is to simply do the photos indoors, we always carry studio lighting kits just in case but we've not needed them as yet.

Can I see a complete wedding album?

Like all other photographers our portfolio is made up of our best images to advertise our work. To get a feel for our overall quality we are happy to show you a complete album as presented to a couple. Any photographer confident in his or her ability should be more than happy to provide access to a web album so you can see the quality of their work overall. If they seem reluctant then it may be time to look elsewhere!

Can I see a copy of your contract?

This is no problem, we wouldn't take a penny from anyone without first agreeing to a contract. If a photographer didn't put forward a formal written agreement when you booked I would be very wary indeed. A contract safeguards both you and the photographer by clearly defining exactly what you can expect from each other in terms of coverage on the wedding day and access to the images thereafter and if this isn't formally set down you are leaving yourself wide open to big problems.

What awards have you won?

Okay.. heres the thing.. we don't enter or apply for awards. We often get emails and opportunities to do so but we decline and here is why. 99% of 'awards' are just made up. It's normally a marketing strategy by websites related to auction sites or directories (mentioning no names!) just to get the photographer to create a backlink to their website. In turn this helps them push their spam further. To give you an idea of how bad they are, they let photographers write their own reviews on a brides behalf with no verification process at all! So we tend to steer clear of these companies and they're 'awards'.

Do I receive a copy of the images on a USB?

Yes, they are watermark free and in full high resolution spec. Many photographers include 'web ready' images only. These are low quality and unsuitable for printing anything bigger than 4" x 6" This is not the case here.

How many weddings will you be covering the same day?

One, Yours! It is not uncommon for photographers to cover two weddings on busy days. We believe this has the potential to create problems. The photographer is rushed and under added pressure to complete on time and if any delays throughout the day arise then they run out of time. Not a situation we'd like to be in.

How many photos would I receive?

This depends entirely on many factors such as the wedding size, the package brought, weather conditions and sometimes locations. For a medium sized wedding (We class this as 50 guests) then we would hope to return about 300 images, bigger weddings we would deliver more.

What about copyrights? 

We do not have copyright restrictions to our clients, some photographers have Facebook bans and all sorts, we do not. You pay us to take photos FOR YOU so they are for you to print to your heart's content. The only clause we have is in our contract and that is that you do not sell the images on to a third party for profit. For example if a venue, florist or magazine should contact you regarding the images then you would need to refer them to us to deal with.

Equipment we use?

The cameras and other equipment we use are top of the range, we shoot with 2 Canon 5D mark4's and L series lenses (for those of you who know their cameras). We have back up camera bodies, lenses, lights and memory cards so if any equipment should fail on the day then we have it covered.

We'll also take as many steps as possible to avoid any loss of data on the day and throughout editing. For example, our cameras have 2 memory cards in each of them so as soon as the camera button is pushed a duplicate image is instantly created and stored on the second memory card in case a card should fail. This gives peace of mind for both the client and us. As soon as we arrive home from your day we create 4 separate copies of your photos, 1st on the computer, 2nd on a secure high branded hard drive, 3rd via an on-line offsite storage facility and the 4th is on our website via a pass worded online gallery. So you can be rest assured your images are kept safe at all times.

Questions to ask my wedding photographer?

I bet you've still got questions right? Get in touch.